Madrasah Newsbits - AFTab Qur'an Competition 1438 - QC13 - Parents Meeting

15 Feb 2017

Dear Parents, Salaam Alaikum AFTab Qur'an Competition 1438 - QC 13 As we are all aware, the AFTab Qur'an Competition is an annual event hosted in various cities by the Africa Federation Tabligh Board. This year's Qur'an Competition (QC -13 - 2017) will be held on the 11th - 13th of August 2017 at a venue to be announced soon. In a continued effort to Improve the performance of our participants in this competition, the Madrasah is calling upon ALL Parents to volunteer and assist the Madrasah in the preparation for this competition. An initial meeting for Parents who wish to assist the Madrasah in the preparation for the QC 13 will be held on Sunday 19th February 2017 at 12 noon at the Madrasah Staff Room. Parents who wish to attend this meeting are kindly requested to complete their consultation with the respective teachers in good time. A brief outline for the Qur'an Competition is outlined below. This process will be led by the Head of Department - Qur'an Reading Mrs. Farhabai Somji. The Parents team will work with Farhabai and assist the Madrasah by taking up this task and work on the following: 1. Encouraging all children in the respective age groups to register for the Competition. 2. Coordinating the registration. 3. Preparing a training / practice schedule. 4. Facilitate the training and practice sessions. 5. Conducting assessment of the registered participants and selecting those who will represent Nairobi. 6. Researching convenient travel methods to the respective city, once AFTab announces the venue. 7. Identifying patrons (1 each for Boys and Girls) who will travel with the participants. 8. Coordinating Travel plans for the participants, patrons and parents who may be interested to attend. The Madrasah earnestly call upon Parents to step up to this assignment and work hand in hand with us for a better appreciation of the Holy Qur'an and a continuously improving performance at the Qur'an Competition. Iltemase Du'a Fazleabbas Chandoo Team Leader - Haydari Madrasah